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West New York LED Garage Lighting Upgrade Good for Wallets & Environment

The West New York Parking Authority (WNYPA) recently completed an LED lighting upgrade to their 62nd Street Garage. The new LED lights are more energy efficient and last longer, saving costs to the environment and to WNY resident pockets.

The Parking Authority worked with PSEG and New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) to reduce the upgrade’s ticket price from $37,000 to $11,000. The new luminaires are expected to save the town 85,000 kWh in electricity and $10,000 in expenses annually, paying for itself in just over a year.  

The NJCEP is a statewide initiative providing financial incentives, programs and services for NJ residents, business owners and local governments to help save energy, money and the environment. Their Direct Install Program paid for 70% of the upgrade’s cost to the town, allowing the project to quickly pay for itself.

Improvements to LED efficiency and decline in production costs have made the technology a viable alternative to commonly used high-intensity discharge (HID), fluorescent and induction light sources. LED luminaires perform better in cooler conditions normally found outside and at night, and can last upwards of 10-15 years.

The 62nd Street Garage housed 55 high energy consuming luminaires. The WNYPA wanted to find a significantly more efficient solution that would also reduce maintenance and increase overall safety within the facility.

The longer lasting light sources bring a welcome mitigation to maintenance expenses associated with lamp replacements, especially for lights that require bucket trucks or lifts to change. The LED luminaires also provide more even light distribution, producing less light pollution and light trespass, improving aesthetics and reducing negative environmental impact.

“The new LED lights are a great upgrade we’re proud to bring to our town’s infrastructure,” commented Jamie Cryan, Executive Director of the WNYPA. “The new luminaires help cut maintenance costs, enhance energy efficiency and improve lighting uniformity. This will be a huge saving over time, both economically and environmentally. Our residents will enjoy less strain on their wallets and on their eyes.”

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