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West New York Parking Authority Extends Resident-only Parking

Residents of the 3rd most densely populated municipality in the country are about to find parking much easier. The West New York Parking Authority (WNYPA) Board of Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution extending resident-only parking hours, to take effect at the end of January 2016 after a street signage update and grace period.

As per the resolution (015-055), the entire town of West New York shall be in the jurisdiction of the Residential Parking Permit requirements. Residential parking permits are required 24 hours per day. All others have a four hour parking limit.

Non-residents are permitted four hours of free parking on any street, and may easily extend by purchasing a 24 hour visitor pass for $3 from the visitor machine at 224 60th Street. Metered spots are not included.

“The goal of updating the Residential Permit Parking program is to free up parking spots and to ensure West New York residents get first preference at spots near their homes,” said Jamie Cryan, the Parking Authority’s Executive Director.

Before the resolution, resident-reserved parking was limited to two zones for a total of 58 hours a week. This allowed resident motorists a parking privilege over non-residents for only three hours a day in some neighborhoods. In these areas visitors held the same parking opportunities as locals for the remaining 21 hours of the day.

“This means that if a motorist from any of our neighboring towns cannot find parking in their town on a Friday night, they were able to park in a spot in West New York and leave it all weekend without fear of getting a ticket,” mentioned Cryan.

“Whether on Boulevard East, Park Avenue or Jackson Street, many residents noted the challenges they find when coming home from work at night or on weekends. Too many out of towners are taking parking spots that should go to our residents. Our neighbors do not allow West New York residents to park on their streets during their resident-only hours, and it is important that we protect our residents in the same way they protect theirs.”

Obtaining resident privileges is easy and affordable. For a $10 year long Resident Parking Permit, motorists will need to submit a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration stating WNY residence, along with a secondary document proving residency (utility bill, lease etc.) to the WNYPA building on 224 60th Street.

The WNYPA also offers a free two week temporary pass for new residents, giving them ample time to switch documents.

“Even with this update, West New York is still among the least expensive and least restrictive when it comes to enforcement as compared to our neighbors. Extending resident hours allows us to continue the mission of putting West New York residents first.”

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