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West New York Parking Authority Office Open Longer for Upcoming Permit Renewal Period

It’s parking permit renewal season, and the West New York Parking Authority (WNYPA) is keeping its office open longer for the convenience of its motorists. The Parking Authority will reward residential permits renewed in December with one extra month of parking for free.

A unanimously passed resolution allows the office to open more often and remain open for longer.The Parking Authority is now open on:

•    8am - 5pm Monday through Friday
•    8am - 8pm on Thursdays
•    9am - 1pm on Saturdays

“This is a great benefit to residents who cannot make it to our offices because of work,” commented Jamie Cryan, Executive Director of the Parking Authority.

The resolution was passed at an opportune time, as the parking permit renewal period brings an influx of drivers to the Parking Authority office on 224 60th Street.

Anyone who purchases or renews their permit can purchase up to six extra months for $2 per month.

A standard one-year residential parking permit costs $10, and payment is accepted in credit, debit or money order only. The permit purchasing and renewal process is quick and easy. Those looking to purchase or renew a residential parking permit are required to show three forms of verification:

1.    A valid NJ driver’s license showing West New York residency
2.    Valid vehicle registration (or proof of insurance if under a different name)
3.    Valid secondary proof of West New York Residency, including vehicle insurance, utility bills, bank or tax statements, signed leases among others.

For a complete list of valid verification documents and purchasing/renewal procedures, visit

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